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The Cause Of Heart Disease And Simple Ways To Improve Heart Health

Although there might not be a single cause of heart disease, this major and often devastating health issue can be traced back to one common development. This is the presence of fatty plaques in the arteries. This plaque causes the arteries to function less efficiently and to begin to harden. Diet and many lifestyle factors have a definite impact on heart health, making it important for people to live wisely.

Smoking is a major factor in the determination of long-term physical health. Those who smoke regularly and for many years are far more likely to have hardening within the arteries than people who do not use tobacco products. Smokers are also far more likely to lead very sedentary lifestyles than are people with healthy and optimally functioning respiratory systems.

A sedentary lifestyle will always lead to a less than stellar level of health. People do not have to be members at an expensive gym or own a range of costly home fitness equipment in order to stay active. Taking a thirty minute walk each day, while being careful to maintain a brisk pace, can have a tremendous amount of benefits on your overall sense of well-being.

When a person is active, he or she is also less likely to suffer from obesity. This individual will additionally have a more effective internal toxin removal system as the increased circulation will help to filter the blood more efficiently. The metabolism will work better and the digestive tract can function at its best.

Diet is always a key factor to consider when learning why fatty plaques might begin to collect in the arteries. The consumption of certain foods can make a person more pre-disposed to different long-term health issues, especially those pertaining to the heart and the arteries. These include foods with lots of trans fats and bad cholesterol foods. Some forms of cholesterol are good for the body, such as that which is found in olives, olive oil, avocados, salmon and other healthful selections.

A person will generally show the signs of high cholesterol first, before developing any major heart condition. The body will always send out warning signs in order to allow people to make the necessary lifestyle corrections or dietary adjustments. This makes it essential to implement a low-cholesterol diet that is low in saturated fat. This, along with routine exercise, can improve health overall.

The best diets are primarily plant based, which means that the person will eat a broad and colorful selection of fruits and vegetables. He or she can consume whole grains as well, given that many of these are very effective for lowering bad cholesterol levels. Lean meats should be consumed rather than more fatty selections, such as chicken or turkey breast and fish. The diet must contain a range of foods that contain beneficial forms of cholesterol, as these are vital for the restoration and maintenance of the arteries.

When considering the cause of heart disease it is also important to review a patient’s family history. Some people are more genetically predisposed to developing this particular issue than others. These individuals may have had parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles who have succumbed to this illness. In these instances, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to get routine check-ups as part of preventative maintenance.

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