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Learn How To Cure Diabetes In A Few Simple Steps

The most common question diabetics often ask is how to cure diabetes. The truth is that this metabolic disorder can only be treated through a pancreas transplant. This procedure is only recommended for people who are suffering from insulin dependent diabetes. People who are suffering from non-insulin dependent or type 2 diabetes can manage the disease easily without having to resort to extreme surgery.

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that leads to an increase in blood glucose level. This occurs when the pancreas produces insufficient amounts of insulin, or when the sensitivity of body cells to insulin decreases. Without insulin, body cells cannot absorb and utilize glucose, hence the reason why the level of glucose in blood increases. There are many problems that are associated with having a high concentration of glucose in the blood.

In order to manage or ‘treat’ this metabolic disorder, glucose must be eliminated from the body. This is normally done naturally through urination. Unfortunately, this leads to dehydration since a lot of water is lost. This is the reason why diabetics often experience severe thirst. Drinking clean water on a regular basis is therefore one of the most effective ways of managing the illness.

The presence of glucose in the blood is known to cause many problems. For instance, it can damage small blood vessels in the kidneys, heart as well as the eyes. After some time, atherosclerosis may occur. This is the hardening of arteries. This can lead to strokes or heart attacks, both of which can be fatal.

Many types of medications for managing this disease exist. Most of the medications have compounds that increase the sensitivity of blood cells to insulin. Others are used to increase the levels of HDL cholesterol in the blood. In severe cases, these medications are used together with insulin injections. Diabetics can live a long and healthy life by simply using these medications, eating low calorie foods and drinking a lot of water.

Exercising is a very important part of life. Workout sessions normally burn hundreds of calories. This also increases the sensitivity of blood cells to insulin because more glucose will be needed inside the cells for respiration. Aerobics, swimming and jogging can be very effective in burning calories and strengthening muscles.

Better ways of testing blood sugar content have been developed. These methods can be used to monitor the level of glucose present in the blood. In the past, tests were carried out on urine to determine the amount of glucose in the urine. This was not only inconvenient, it was also not very accurate. Monitoring blood sugar level will help you to adjust your medications appropriately. If the level is too high, you may want to consider calling your physician.

When thinking about how to cure diabetes, many people normally think of insulin shots and rare medications. The truth is that a simple change in lifestyle can alleviate symptoms easily. Just drink a lot of water, exercise on a regular basis and eat a balanced diet. Avoid processed foods and alcoholic drinks. Eat a lot fruits and vegetables especially those that are rich in fiber. It is also important that you use your medication as prescribed by the physician.



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