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Causes For Depression That Seem Obsolete

Many causes for depression exist today, just as there are many different names for the. The down in the dumps feeling can be deadly if not treated properly by a doctor. It comes at a time that seems to be most inconvenient, such as birthdays and holidays. No matter what the cause, each symptom can create pain, suffering and worse in the person dealing with it as well as others around them.

Anxiety often accompanies this mental disorder. With anxiety comes fast heart rates or those that seem to skip a beat. These are called palpitations and can seem like a heart attack coming on. Some are severe enough to be over 200 beats per minute, making the person lose their breath even in the middle of the night while they are asleep. Worry and fear often are symptoms of the anxiety, causing severe stress and tension headaches.

As time moves on, the level of depression can get worse. It may start as just being low in the mood, but it can begin to affect more. Sexual arousal will slow, if not stop completely. The person experiencing this will also begin to neglect themselves by not showering, shaving, or even going to work.

Some cope with alcohol, making the disorder that much more dangerous. Alcoholism can turn to drug use, even abuse of over the counter items such as acetaminophen and allergy medicines.

Children can go through this problem as well. Unfortunately, many parents see the disorder but do not connect it with the abjection problems. Children have trouble with school, peers and homework. They take offense to being told what to do, and many cry without realizing that they are crying or do not understand why they are. The worse case scenario is when children know they have a problem, but do not know where to turn for help. Many of these end in suicide, a nasty situation that no parent should ever have to live through.

Suicide is the number one killer of this disorder. It is the deadliest symptom, leading from simply having cheerless days to thoughts of hurting one’s self or others. The thoughts of taking one’s life is more than past the point of needing psychiatric assistance. Adults and children at this point may need therapy, medication and other forms of rehabilitation to bring them back to their old selves.

As the symptoms progress, it will be more noticeable to others around the person suffering. Friends and family will note withdrawal from activities the person would normally enjoy. The person will also have issues with being able to perform normal daily activities such as cooking, cleaning and tending to children.

The causes for depression are stress, relationships, money problems and more. Each symptom can seem worse than the last, and hurts not only the person suffering, but others around them. As the disorder continues without care, the person can have thoughts of suicide or hurting themselves in one manner or another. It is important to have this disorder checked with a doctor and arrange to find the origin of the cause.


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