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The Multitudes Of Mental Health Problems

There are many different mental health problems today compared to twenty years ago. Many diagnoses are split into levels, and some have even been outdated. Common disorders, such as depression, have even gained different types of names. Each disorder is just as much of an issue as the next, but some can be more severe than others.

Forensics and psychologists have discovered a multitude of psychiatric disorders that can cause criminal activity. Sadism, sociopaths, and even some multiple personality disorders have been connected with serial crimes such as rape and murder. Those who are diagnosed as sociopaths can have bouts of schizophrenia to add to their issues, causing them to be relentless, show no emotion or remorse, and have the ability to make others do their bidding as they please.

Schizophrenia is diagnosed on a scale of levels. Environmental schizophrenia is the disorder in which others and activities around the person affected cause the issues. Chemical schizophrenia is thought to be brought on by two different things, either developmental chemicals in the brain or chemicals such as illegal drug use. Either or can cause severe schizophrenia, often leading to acts of criminal nature.

Dementia is a disorder in which the person sees hallucinations, believes others are imposters, and worse. Some people with dementia believe that passed on relatives and friends are right there in the room and they can talk to them. Dementia is often diagnosed over a different disorder, such as schizophrenia or Capgras Delusions.

As a more and very less commonly diagnosed disorder, Bodily Identity Integrity Disorder is in fact one of the most dangerous disorders there is. Those who have this feel that their lives would be better if they were missing a part of their bodies. In other words, amputating an arm, leg, or even genitalia, seems to be the ultimate feeling of completion to them. Some go as far as having the amputations done just to make themselves feel better.

Adults are not the only ones who can have health issues. Children experience many different problems with their minds. One of the most common is Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD for short. They also experience anxiety disorders which can cause dangerous high heart rates, severe drops in blood pressures, fainting, dizziness and fatigue.

Separation Disorder is one commonly found in younger children. Many parents identify this as their child not able to leave a toy, blanket or other comfort item behind, whereas other children experience this disorder when parents simply leave for them to go to work or when children are left for school.

The levels of the many mental health problems seems endless. The proper way to have a diagnosis is to see a licensed and bonded psychiatrist or psychologist. Diagnosing one’s self is excessively dangerous as well as self medicating. Having a friend, family member or child looked at and properly diagnosed can be the difference between a life of crime, a life of misery, or a life to live fruitfully. Depression is one of the most common, and can be very deadly. Your doctor will best explain everything you need to know for the diagnosis.

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