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Understanding The Causes Behind Female Infertility

For the woman that has been waiting to become a mother, the news of her female infertility may come as quite a shock. All the years of dreaming of having her own family have now suddenly disappeared. There are a wide and varied number of causes for this diagnoses and some of them are found to be treatable. Do not let this diagnosis place you in a state of depression before the causes have been found and examined.

Infertility in women is on the rise. The causes can range from the use of intrauterine devices to sexually transmitted diseases. Even with all of the protective devices sold on today’s market, the incidence of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and pelvic inflammatory disease is on a steady incline. In the absence of these causes, many woman are waiting until they have met their career challenges before considering motherhood, and for some, they have simply waited too long.

Any abnormality’s found in the fallopian tubes can result in the egg not being able to reach the womb and it is then reabsorbed into the body. The blocked tube is typically the result of scarring from injury, surgery, or infection. In some cases the tube can be reopened and the woman can go on to become pregnant without a problem. In other cases, the tubes are so completely blocked, efforts to open them would be a waste of time.

A female’s ovulation is a very intricate procedure. Problems with the thyroid; diabetes that is left uncontrolled; and problems with the liver are all said to interfere with ovulation. If no egg is being released, it follows that sperm cannot impregnate the egg.

For others the advice is to simply quit trying to conceive. There have been documented incidences where women are so eager to conceive that resulting emotional roller coaster can become the reason one does not conceive. Placing that over eager attitude behind you can often be the answer to the problem.

With all of today’s medical advances it is the rare case of infertility that cannot be explained. Be it disease, or problems with things like endometriosis, if the cause is found and dealt with properly, many women go on to be mothers. Often it takes nothing more than proper timing to get the sperm to make contact with the egg.

A vast majority of females cannot imagine life without children. When all else fails, many couple will resort to in vitro fertilization where the fertilized egg is implanted in the womb of the sterile female. This is an option that many are taking advantage of to have a child of their own.

Please keep in mind that there are any number of infants and small children that are waiting for a loving home. If you can find it in your heart to love and nurture these unwanted children you can soon have the family you have always wanted. Do not allow female infertility to ruin the opportunity you have to give a loving home to a child through adoption.

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