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Causes Of Obesity In The Urban World

It is a sad fact that in modern day society more and more people are overweight. However you can see a stark contrast between the urban world and the rural world. This spells one word and the reason for the vast majority of causes of obesity, greed.

Although some people may have health conditions such as hypothyroidism which mean they gain weight easily, the vast majority of overweight individuals could indeed transform their body image by simply vouching to eat more healthily. Living in a world that is controlled by computers, many people go for days on end without even leaving their home.

With food shopping being available on line and a huge array of consoles to keep kids amused indoors, this generation is officially gaining the name of the couch potato. Materialism is also taking over; kids are no longer happy to hang around outside with a football these days, choosing to stay home and eat junk food and play computer games.

These stark facts are the reality of the modern urban world, the countries where the prevalence of obese people being highest being the United Kingdom and the United States. In fact there is a direct link between the countries with the highest disposable income and the level of obesity. However, more disturbingly so, it is often the poorer communities within these rich countries that suffer most as high fat snacks and junk foods are readily available at discount prices.

So, with junk food available on every corner and twenty four hour television and gaming on hand, there is no wonder the twenty first century generation is so overweight. Although many attempts have been made to help kids eat more healthily at school, children will follow the example set by their parents, this often being a bad one.

In communities with lower levels of education, the prevalence of childhood weight gain and morbid obesity in adults is extremely high. When asked whether they worry about their weight, the answer of these people is that it is too expensive to buy healthy fruit and vegetables. The availability of high fat foods is just too easy, and even though in certain countries a fat tax has been applied to snacks, people still continue to gorge on pies and pastries.

The most worrying aspect of this trend is the number of children who are so physically unfit that they cannot even take part in a school games class. Many children are morbidly obese by the time they are ten, the blame here really only be that of the parents. The cause of this problem really is the increase of unhealthy foods on the market and bad education.

Countries such as the United Kingdom are constantly battling to make healthy eating popular. But with so many people set in their ways and kids who live off junk, it is hard to change their way of thinking . Causes of obesity will continue to cause huge problems in the modern urban world unless some harsh decisions are taken both by the government as well as individuals.

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