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Published on December 12th, 2012 | by AJ


Ways To Combat Childhood Obesity

Around half a century ago it would have been hard to find a child who was severely overweight in the classroom. However, in stark contrast, today the rates of childhood obesity have reached an all time high, there being more and more children who are extremely overweight. There are certain ways that this problem can be tackled, many in place already in countries such as Britain.

The problem will however only get worse unless it is stopped in its tracks. Years ago, the fat child in the class would have been taunted, and as cruel as this may seem, this stopped others from putting on weight. Of course, this did have a negative affect on some young girls who then developed an eating disorder such as anorexia. However, it can still be said that only a few decades ago there were far fewer children with weight problems then there are today.

To combat childhood obesity, the problem needs to be tackled where the root of the problem lies. If children are eating unhealthy amounts and not exercising, the parents are to blame. No parent should let his child sit at home and gorge on fat snacks, but this is a sight that is too common these days. In the school dining room the problem has been addressed by introducing healthy options, but this is no good if parents will not follow suit.

It is one way to combat this problem by only offering healthy food in the school dining room. But many children will then choose to bring unhealthy snacks to school, or alternatively gorge on fatty snacks as soon as they leave the gates. So, it is the public as a whole that needs to be educated as to why they need to put a stop to obesity.

In poorer communities, people are often lacking in education as well as only having money to purchase high calorie inexpensive foods. However, by demonstrating to these people just what affect it will have on their bodies if they don t stop, many will think twice about what they are doing. In many towns, road shows have visited and spoken to residents; this gives them a one on one experience and a chance to listen and a chance to be heard.

Whether it s at a road show or on the television, when people realize just how much damage they are doing to themselves by over eating, this is when they will put a stop to their actions. Many are ignorant of the risk of complications of being overweight such as heart disease and short life expectancy, but once they realize this, they will start to make an effort. This coupled with the availability of affordable fresh foods are two steps in the right direction.

Unfortunately, many people today have never known what it is like to sit down to a family dinner. When people have been brought up on snacks it can be hard to break the habit. Therefore what is necessary here are affordable classes that people can join to learn how to cook healthily on a budget.

These are just some ways to combat childhood obesity. However, if it will ever be possible to stop this growing trend, it s not just the kids but all generations that have to be educated. This may seem like a huge task, but it is one that has to be carried out.

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