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Facts Everyone Should Know About HIV AIDS Patients

There are many misconceptions flying around concerning HIV AIDS patients. These misleading facts can lead to people being intolerant of a problem that they really don’t understand leading. The best method of ending such prejudice is to gain some knowledge about the health condition, finding out how it is acquired and learning about all the treatment options. Sufferers of such diseases have enough to endure without having to deal with a lack of acceptance.

Human immunodeficiency virus is a condition that alters a person’s DNA and RNA. This breaks down the immune system, destroying the T cells and leaving a person susceptible to even the most minor ailments. Over time, the condition will evolve into another health concern known as Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. The health problem is treatable to some extent, but there is not currently a cure.

One thing that people are the most afraid of is that they will catch the disease by coming into contact with those who have it. This is not completely factual and often leads to intolerant or prejudice behaviors.

The truth is that the condition is not spread by touching a patient or drinking after them. However, it is transmitted by having sexual relations or sharing a contaminated needle with someone who has the health problem. A baby is also susceptible to getting it if they are breastfed by a mother who has it or during childbirth due to the bodily fluids that are involved.

The only way to avoid getting the disease is to take all of the necessary precautions that help prevent transmission. People who are sexually active often do foolish things without considering the consequences. However, unless someone is in a monogamous relationship, it is best to use a condom at all times. This will prevent coming in contact with a person’s body fluids and reduce the risk of an unwanted pregnancy in the process. It is also best for healthcare workers to wear gloves anytime they are handling a patient or dealing with blood.

Anyone who has come into contact with an infected individual should seek medical help immediately. There are tests that may be done to see if any infected antibodies are present in the bloodstream. It generally takes a month for detection of the problem as the condition has a long incubation period where it lays dormant before attacking the body.

Anyone who has received a positive diagnosis needs to begin treatment in a timely manner. There is no cure at the moment, but there are several different types of therapy that have shown to slow down the affects that the disease has on a person’s body. Although most medications work well, they do have many adverse side effects including headache, vomiting, nausea and changes in how the body stores or distributes fat cells.

HIV AIDS patients deserve to live the best quality of life possible and without all of the prejudice that come along with having the condition. People who are educated on the subject tend to be much more tolerant than those who do not completely understand it. It’s a tragic health condition that has no cure and will eventually lead to death.

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