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The Form Of Prevention Of HIV

Diligent prevention of HIV is vital in the modern age, especially if you are sexually active. This disease has had a massive toll on certain demographics due to lack of knowledge, access to adequate care and the unavailability of the proper goods. Following are a few things that all people should know about transmitted diseased and how to prevent them.

Abstinence is the practice of refraining from sex entirely. This is the only way to fully avoid the transmission of HIV entirely. Unfortunately, this is not something that people are able to commit to in any long-term fashion as natural and human desires for intimacy and closeness can override responsible efforts to maintain personal health. For this reason, abstinence is not considered to be a feasible plan of self-protection in many circles.

Condoms, which can be worn over the penis or in the vagina during sex, can be very effective for preventing sexually transmitted diseases. Those who are active, however, must make sure that they are wearing these or that they are worn by their partners, each and every time. Notwithstanding, there are many things that can go wrong with condoms that could result in pregnancy or in illness.

For instance, some condoms such as sheepskin condoms, are actually quite porous. Although the microscopic holes these contain are not large enough to prevent the seepage of sperm, the HIV virus can get out and infect the other person. Thus, sheepskin options are only a somewhat deterrent of pregnancy and not the transmission of a deadly virus.

Latex condoms can rupture and break, especially if they are used improperly or in an aggressive fashion. This tends to be a major problem for gay men and heterosexual couples who will be engaging in anal sex. These materials will not maintain their integrity if they are used with a petroleum based lubricant. They must always be used with a store bought and proper lubricant, that is gel-based and which does not contain any petroleum oils or grease.

Dental dams and using condoms for oral sex is important to. The downside is that many of the tactile sensations that make these activities enjoyable can be numbed or muted by the application of a dental dam or condom. Being diligent in the use of protective gear, however, is vital to do whenever there is a potential for sharing bodily fluids.

Two committed partners who engage in monogamous sexual activities are also less likely to catch this disease. This makes it necessary for each individual to be reliant upon the honesty of the other, which is only effective if both parties are truthful in their relationship and do not stray. It is also important for both parties to be routinely tested in order to ensure that the union remains disease-free.

Sex is not the only way that people can come in contact with this virus. Thus, the prevention of HIV is not complete unless drug use is addressed. People must not share needles at any time when engaging in intravenous drug use. There are often many needle exchange stations in urban areas that will allow drug users to access clean needles as they need them, in order to avoid blood borne illnesses.

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