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Options For Treatment For Infertility

Infertility is a situation where a couple are unable to conceive a child. A couple must have been trying to conceive consistently for at least a year or six months where a woman is 35 years old and above. Women who can conceive but cannot carry a pregnancy to term may also be infertile. Once this is verified medically, a couple should look into starting treatment for infertility.

Pregnancy is achieved in four steps. The first is that the woman releases an egg from one of the ovaries which is known as ovulation. The next is that the egg enter a Fallopian tube which opens up into the uterus. After this, sperm from a man must join with the egg along the way and fertilize it. Then, the fertilized egg has to embed itself to the inside of the uterus which is known as implantation. Then, the pregnancy has to be carried to term for the child to develop and mature as it should. Infertility occurs when a problem occurs with any one of these processes.

Infertility is a fairly common problem. It afflicts about 10 percent of the women aged between the ages of 15 and 44. This represents 6.1 women who have problems getting pregnant or carrying the pregnancy to term. This is according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

There is a common misconception that infertility is always the problem of the woman. This is not true. The problem may lie with the man or both partners. In about thirty percent of infertile couples, the problem is with the man and in another percent it is with the woman. In the other cases, the problem lies with both the man and woman, what is causing the problem is never established.

In men, being infertile is most commonly caused by a condition that is medically known as varicocele. This is a condition where the veins on one or both testicles are too large which heats them up. Heat can affect the shape or number of viable sperm. The problem may also be the movement of the sperm where they are unable to move fast enough to fertilize an egg while they are still viable. Injuries and other forms of trauma can also block the reproductive system of a man and so can cystic fibrosis.

Infertility can be treated with different methods including drugs, artificial insemination and surgery. Assisted reproductive technology can also be used. Also, more than one method may be used. In most cases, drugs and used together with surgery.

The treatment methods that will be used will be determined by the results of tests done by both couples, how long the couple have been trying to conceive, the age of the man and woman, the general health of both partners and the methods that the couple prefer.

Treatment for infertility may also include addressing sexual problems like impotence and premature ejaculation, limited sperm quantity and improper sperm movement. In women, ovulation problems may be treated with drugs. It is important for a couple to know and be prepared for more than one child when fertility drugs are used.

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