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What Is Being Said About Male Infertility

When the word infertility is mentioned, most people will assume the problem lies with the woman. Nothing could be farther from the truth. A woman can have all kinds of tests performed only to find that the problem does not lie with her. Male infertility is a difficult diagnosis to accept because most males equate it with their masculinity and refuse to even be tested.

For those men who agree to testing the problem is usually quickly found and classified. There are actually fewer causes for male sterility than there are for their female counterparts and on occasion the problem can be corrected.

The causes normally fall into one of three categories; environmental, idiopathic, and personal. The first test done is one where the ejaculate is studied. There may be sperm found, but in amounts too small to result in pregnancy. In other cases the problem lies with the force of the ejaculate not being strong enough to survive for a long enough period of time to impregnate the egg. In this cases, a physician will look further to determine the reason for this.

In an idiopathic diagnosis the true cause of the problem is never quite found out, hence the title of idiopathic. Environmental causes, on the other hand, can result from many factors. The constant vibrations suffered with construction workers operating machinery can reduce the sperm count. Cell phones left in pockets may protect the phone but it allows radio waves to reduce sperm dramatically.

Men, like woman, are susceptible to stress and it can be very harmful to sperm production. Worries over anything from family to finances can be the culprit and be at the root of the problem for sperm count affected by anxiety. Alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking also lend a hand in destroying healthy sperm. An overly warm groin area is another factor in low sperm count. This is the reason why the scrotal sac containing the testes is located on the outside of the male body.

Often, the decrease or absence of sperm is due to a lack of testosterone. Congenital conditions and hormone disorders are also often at the forefront of personal causes. Poor general health is another factor along with diabetes and liver problems. A full medical workup should be ordered in the absence of any other cause.

Men need to be made aware that the diagnosis of male infertility has absolutely nothing to do with their masculinity. In fact, these abnormalities are rather a disease of couples. When either of them are unable to produce or become pregnant, they both are affected by the outcome of the testing that is done.

When no treatment is found to be forthcoming in male infertility, the couple are counseled in regard to adoption. Although there is some truth to the fact that nothing can take the place of being pregnant, it is also true that love grows from the heart and not from the uterus. These same men have qualities that would make them excellent fathers to a child needing a home.

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