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Dealing With The Problem Of Obesity In Children

Obesity in children is becoming a major concern in the Twenty First Century. More children than ever before are overweight and the problem is only getting worse in developing countries. The time to do something about childhood obesity is now, before overweight kids become overweight adults.

Too many parents see their kid’s weight problems as something to “grow out of”. However, this rarely happens these days. Not enough parents are taking responsibility for their kid’s health. As a result, this problem is becoming a worldwide epidemic.

Kinds are overweight for the same reason as adults. They take in too many calories each day and do not get enough exercise. It is no mystery why the weight comes on, but it happens so slowly it can lead to a denial of the condition. There are only two major ways to deal with a weight problem, and it involves simple mathematics. One must take in less than one burns up, and you have to increase your activity.

Parents must seize the initiative and see to it that kids are getting healthy snacks and better nutrition at meal time. It takes more work to plan meals and shop for the right foods, but there are not shortcuts. If you constantly depend on the “dollar menu” you are setting your family up for major health concerns in the future.

Many adults fail to deal with obesity in children because they are not willing to set a positive example. It is very easy to tell kids to simply do what you tell them and not mimic your parents. This thinking is flawed as a child needs a positive role model to look up to.

One of the most important ways to help your kids learn healthy habits is to change your lifestyle first. Once the kids notice what you are doing they are more likely to follow in your footsteps. It is not easy to change the habits of a lifetime, but this is necessary if you really want your kids to have a better life.

Many parents have busy schedules and their kids are pretty much on their own for many hours a day. This makes it difficult to supervise but certainly not impossible. Make sure that your children have plenty of healthy food alternatives at home. Instead of putting a pizza in the microwave or toaster oven, they need access to all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Do not expect fast results when changing eating habits. Kids may rebel and not want to go along with the new program. This is why you must lead by example.

Too many young people are dealing with obesity and the health risks that it brings. It is up to the parents to make a stand against obesity in children. Mothers and fathers must set better examples and work with their kids to have better meals and healthier food choices. Get a large bowl for the kitchen table, and make sure that it stays full of fresh fruit. In time, the kids will get used to it and changes can slowly be made.

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