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Learning More About The Treatment For HIV AIDS

Today we have a serious issue that we are all dealing with called HIV/AIDS. Human immunodeficiency virus, also known as acquired immune deficiency syndrome, is a virus that attacks the human immune system. This disease causes its victims to get infections easier because the body cannot fight against it. Flu symptoms are usually the first signs of infection. Learn more about the treatment for HIV AIDS.

Human immunodeficiency virus is transmitted through unprotected sexual contact, contaminated medical equipment, from breastfeeding passing from mother to child. Sharing of needles among drug users can also contribute the passing of this deadly virus. Nearly 34 million people around the world have contracted this virus and is now considered a pandemic, a disease outbreak that is over a large area and quickly spreading.

Thirty one anti-retroviral drugs are available to treat this virus but are not cures. The Food and Drug Administration approved these drugs for treating this virus because they slow its progress and growth. Through treatment it is possible to have longer lasting life, with little interference from the virus, but does not eliminate it from the body. Even during treatment it is possible to transmit the virus to others. Sufferers must take the pills for the rest of their lives in order to keep the quality of health up.

The facility that has done most research into the HIV/AIDS virus is called the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. This facility researches classes of drugs, and combinations of pharmaceuticals that can be used to improve and extend the quality of life while living with this horrible disease. Therapies vary from physical to mental, as being infected tends to lead to depression.

Medicines used to treat this illness are tested extensively prior to patient use, as they need to understand the side effects and efficiency of the compounds. After clinical trials of new medicines, usually lasting several years, testing can begin on humans to see if it is effective enough to be mass produced. Safety is most important in producing a viable drug to combat this deadly disease.

Some of the medical treatments available to treat this vicious virus include Retrovir, Norvir, Trizivir, Truvada, Prezista, Revataz and Viracept. Side effects are often something to be concerned about, as they may affect the heart, lungs, immune system, and appetite. Depression may also be treated with pharmaceuticals to treat the mental status of the patient. The high cost of some of these medications can be covered by insurance.

Edurant, Intelence, Rescriptor, and Sustiva are also forms of treatment for patients suffering with this virus. These medications must be prescribed to patients. Without effective treatment, it is almost impossible to win the battle over the disease. Learning more and getting the help can start with you joining support groups in your area. Your physician can help you locate the right support group for you.

Making the choice to fight this virus is important to your total remission. Talk to your doctor about all the options you have the treatment for HIV AIDS. Doing so means you are taking the the first steps in the right direction. Healing your worry is as important as every other aspect of this disease.

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